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How It Works

Check on Potential Customers

Before allowing your reputation to be compromised, check with Business Detective to make sure that your “problem customers” aren't repeat offenders. Not everyone has good intentions, and we're here to make sure that you are safe from scams and swindles.

Check on Potential Employees

When hiring a new employee, business owners should be able to trust and rely on these workers. Business Detective can help you feel reassured in your choice. Don't put you or your business through any more no-shows, thieves, or disappointing employees.


Alexander (Charlotte, NC)

Thank you, Business Detective, for saving me loads of time and distress. Nobody wants to hire a terrible worker and now I won't have to again. I try to only hire people that seem like they can really do the job, but people can surprise you.

Samantha .Q (Chicago, IL)

I hope that more people learn about you guys, because I've had to compensate some awful customers and I don't want to have to do that anymore. Thank you so much!!!!

Michelle (Albany, GA)

I'm usually a firm believer in second chances, but some people are just mal-intentioned. Y'all are putting a stop to these bamboozlers, and I couldn't be more grateful! Keep up the great work.

Maren .T (San Antonio, TX)

THANK YOU! The reviews on your site are incredibly informative and have saved my skin!!!! You're saving people time and money and it's an awesome service that you're doing! You guys are the best!